Why draw?

The reason we want to work the drawing up instead of just using a template is that unless you can draw it you can’t sculpt it. This stuff ain’t square boys and girls. This is a 3D space mass study and you have to get your head wrapped around the 2D part before you go crazy with your shaping tools.

Working the drawing up forces you to better understand what the shape is and why it is drawn that way. It allows you to change the 2D shape to fit your sanders and grinders. If you draw it and you like the proportions, you have a much better chance of making that happen when you get to the 3D sculpting part.

I like to say - draw the silhouette to get 2 dimensions and let your shaping tools give you the 3rd dimension.

  So hang in there... just take it one square at a time and pretty soon the rocking chair shape will start to make sense.