Plywood Rocking Chair Templates

Rocker template:

Step 1. Take a screen grab of this rocker template.

Step 2. Create a 24”x 48” _ 1”sq.  grid on a piece of ½” MDF.

Step 3. Using the screen grab as a guide, work up the drawing to scale. Why?

Step 4. Carefully cut out full size masters from ½” MDF sheet and file to line. 

Step 5. Using your master temps, layout copies on a double stack of ¾” plywood.

Step 6. Jigsaw sheets apart and cut out all doubled plywood pieces on bandsaw.

Step 7. Glue 3 pieces together for right rocker & 3 pieces together for left rocker.

Step 8. Pay close attention to the location of those small + marks on rocker,

            bucket & small T. They align and balance the chair. Much more on this later.



Glue 12 ply backbone flush

Glue 10 plys - stagger forward ⅛” and step up ⅛” to create a compound sweep


Same chair 2 weeks later

360° view360_ply_rocker.html

Cut list -   double stack ¾” plywood

Hardwood Chair Patterns

This is where you are going with the hardwood chair patterns.